Drillar – Empresa de Perforación de pozos en Argentina

Who we are

Argentine mining drilling company

DrillAr is an Argentine mining drilling company led by a team of professionals with extensive experience in mining drilling and services also  the staff has served for the best drilling companies with success on each objetive assign. The team’s experience allows to DrillAr the Argentine Drilling Company to be familiar with a large number of mining projects, as well as to know all the techniques and services.

DrillAr is an Argentine Drilling Corporation

Our Argentine Drilling Corporation, giving our best to provide a quality service is a top priority. We work hard to make sure all is done well, but also work with safety is part of the culture. We believe that our people are the most important part of the company. So, not only do focus on keeping everyone safe at work, but also care about their workers’ families. We understand that when our team members feel secure, it helps create a happy and healthy work environment. Our company values not just the work we do but also the well-being of the people who make it all happen.

DrillAr is an Argentine Drilling Company

The company hires people living nearby for the projects and teams up with local suppliers. This company wants to help the community by offering jobs to folks who live close. By choosing local workers, they not only help the local economy but also build strong friendship in the area. Plus, by working with suppliers nearby, they make sure they get what they need easily and in a way that’s good for everyone. Our Argentine Drilling Company in this way of doing things not only helps the company do well but also makes the whole area better, with more jobs and good relationships for everyone.

Our Argentinean company always goes by trust and being good to each other. They believe in being honest and fair in all they do. Just like when you trust your friends or family, this company believes in that kind of trust with the people they work with. It’s like doing things with a good heart, and they think that’s the best way to run their business. It’s all about treating people the way you’d want to be treated.  In mining and drilling sector is a hard place to work so this way to act is most important for the personnel.

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Drilling with a LF-160 in Azules Project - Mcewen
Installing rig LF-160 on the pad

“To provide quality service solutions, maintaining the highest standards of safety and focus on the delivery of our services. We are committed to valuing and developing our human talent, as they are the heart of our operational excellence and customer satisfaction.” 


“To be the leading company in our sector, recognized for integrity and unwavering credibility in all our actions. We strive to be the first choice for customers seeking quality and safety in services, and to be a place where our staff can grow and thrive.” 


Reverse Circulation Drilling

Diamond Drilling

Rotary Drilling


Equipo de Perforación LF™160-02


Deep water well drilling rig XSL7/350.

LF-90 Surface coring drill