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LF™90D Surface coring drill

The LF™90D surface drill rig is a versatile tool designed with a key focus on mobility.

Its telescopic mast allows for compact transport, easily adapting to tracks, trucks or skid steers.

Simplicity in its hydraulic and structural design not only facilitates operation, but also simplifies maintenance.

In addition, safety has been prioritized with standard features, such as a rotation barrier with interlock and a sideshift head, providing a safe and efficient working environment.


Engineered for mobility, the LF™90D surface coring drill features a telescoping mast with dump capability. The telescoping features afford a compact size during transport while the dump capability lowers the working height of the machine to enable mounting on a crawler, truck or skid.


A simple hydraulic and structural design makes this drill easy to operate and maintain.


Designed with safety in mind, the LF90D surface coring drill includes standard safety features such as an interlocked rotation barrier that slows rotation when barrier is opened and a side shifting head which reduces working height when handling inner tubes.